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:Wumpscut: Women and Satan First

The first big album of the what I think could be a very good month. There are quite a few that I’m interested in hearing.

Saying that :Wumpscut: is a big name in our little musical world is a bit of an understatement so I always look forward to hearing what Ratzinger will do next. Women and Satan First for me starts real strong, drags a bit in the middle then gets in one more nice “O I love this shit!” before going out rather lamely.

The nice thing is to me this sounds like the :Wumpscut: that I like. Solid hard beats. Harsh lyrics…on Kill That Little fuck he has a line that says, “Hitler would have melted you for soap.” and its delivered rather matter-of-factly. So Rudy doesn’t hold things back even though it’s maybe a dancier album than some would like.

I think there are 4 solid tracks here that I will be going for when I think of putting :Wumpscut: on my playlists. Hallelujah, Women and Satan First, Burial on Demand and the fantastic Blutsturtz, Baby. The rest are ok or more low key stuff. You have to remember though… ok for :Wumpscut: is still better than some ever do.

Well see what the DJ Dwarf XII sounds like on the tenth.


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