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Electronic Saviors 2: Recurrence

Earlier this month the most important compilation of the year for electronic music was released. Jim Semonik’s massive labour of love; Electronic Saviors Volume II : Recurrence.

Cover Electronic Saviors Vol 2


This collection of Electronic music is massive. It’s six, yes six Cd’s full of great music. There is just a ton of music here. Most of the artists who participated on Electronic Saviors, have returned and a whole ton of new artists pitched in this time.  There is a premium edition that has two more disks worth of digital music included…yea that’s right six plus two equals eight! disks of music. I should mention that at this time I believe the premium is no longer available. Guess you should have jumped on that when I told you first time.

Electronic Saviors 2 Inside the box.

Trying to review this much music is pointless. There’s a ton of it. Let’s be real here. There are six Cd’s. There will be songs you love, songs you go meh, and songs you run for the skip button. It’s the nature of the beast, when you have a collection this big. I find I like a lot more than I don’t. Electronic music is so varied in what it can sound like. This collection reminds me of why I like this whole genre so much.

This is a very special collection as it is a benefit CD. The proceeds of this collection will be going to Gilda’s Club and The Bone Marrow Foundation. These are both great charities that directly benefit those suffering from cancer. Really that’s all I should have to say about this…go buy it now.

Electronic Saviors 2 Under the Cover

Electronic Saviors 2 Under the Cover


Official page:

Buy CD:

Buy Digital:

Gilda’s Club:

The Bone Marrow Foundation:


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